Feedback for learning means progress and success

Feedback for learning means progress and success

Feedback for learning means progress and success Feedback for learning means progress and success Feedback for learning means progress and success

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Dr June Starkey OCT, PhD

The cornerstone of teaching is the learning environment, and that begins with the principal. Although Dr. June's public school teaching career began more than 30 years ago, it is her doctoral research in feedback, assessment and motivation theory that has fuelled her development as a teacher of learning. In a beautiful  classroom lab space in west end Toronto with direct access to the subway, Dr. Starkey brings her 30+ years' expertise to K-12+ Education, in English and French. 

For the past 14 years at Joy of Learning in Toronto, June has used evidence-based practices to fundamentally and permanently change the learning trajectories of more than 350 students. On a daily basis she re-connects learners with their capacity to learn. Having completed training in neuroscience for learning applications, Dr. Starkey is a private service provider for Fast ForWord™ software, a peer-reviewed on-line technology from Scientific Learning™ that equips the brain to hear what the ears hear, and teaches mastery learning and self-regulation strategies. 

Dr. June says: "Evidence-based practice allows students to reach their potential. Every. Single. Time."


Tools for Learning

Dr. Starkey's research about feedback for learning shows that when students are given coherent, descriptive feedback and opportunities to understand how to use feedback—they are able to improve their work. Students who struggle can indeed bridge the gaps, make progress and achieve phenomenal success at top Canadian colleges and universities. 


Commitment to Excellence

Our mission is to embrace the pursuit of excellence both in and outside the classroom. We walk with students of all ages as they learn to use their strengths and challenges to reach their full potential. We understand the importance of student-teacher interaction in developing metacognitive learning skills that enhance and propel student achievement and success. 

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